Thursday, April 8, 2010

Club C-Med

Just wanted to provide everyone another short update on all that is going on. We're still chilling at Children's Medical Center, or Club C-Med as I like to call it. Unfortunately, last night we got booted out of the VIP section (ICU) and put into the Shoebox lounge (because it's about the size of a shoebox and smells like feet). But on the bright side, they did provide what amounts to a lawn chair that unfolds into a slightly less uncomfortable recliner. Think I'll get a few of these bad boys for the house. And what the hell is the deal with the nurses coming in, seeing that Piper is asleep, deciding to check on her IV to see if it's still bothering her (hello! If it was still bothering her she wouldn't be asleep!), waking her up, then leaving me to deal with a crying baby. Jackasses! But you didn't come here to hear me rant. That's why I have a rant page.

As far as the next few days go, Piper is getting an upper GI exam tomorrow, then we should have her scheduled for surgery on Friday to put in a G tube so we can feed and medicate her easier and do a muscle biopsy to try to identify the exact gene that caused the disease so we can check the other girls. Also got a smile from her today so you can check that out.

Also, my dad has a website that has a ton of pictures of the girls from birth to today. Feel free to check it out at