Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last season on "All You Need is (Young) Love"

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When we last left our fearless family, we had just sold our house and were settling into a palatial 900 sqft apartment waiting for construction to finish on our new home.  Things have been moving pretty fast since then.  Andi and Bella have learned how to walk, are starting to jabber it up, and are learning how to manipulate their parents.  Ah, the good times.  Nothing like an infant that cries as if they've been shot in the foot, who is suddenly the happiest baby in town after being picked up by mommy (I'm looking at you Andi).  They've also learned how to poo four times a day.  Must be some kind of record.  I mean seriously, put a plug in it.  There will be plenty of time for that tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day...  I why must you scream bloody murder when I try to change your diaper.  Hello!  I'm not doing this for me.  How about a thank you next time.

Anyway, Piper is stable as she can be.  She hasn't gotten any better, but she also hasn't gotten any worse.  Belinda has just finished taking her to a sleep study to see how her breathing and oxygen intake are going at night and we should have the results back pretty soon.  She also has scheduled an appointment this October in Houston with another doctor to see if they have any different treatment options they can recommend.  And finally, we are still waiting on the results of our blood tests and muscle biopsy's to see if we can get Piper back into the drug study in California.  We still have a place reserved, just need to "official" diagnosis, so wish us luck.

Lastly, on to Belinda and I.  Unfortunately I have some difficult news to report.  After five years of marriage, we are still madly in love.  (gotcha!)  Okay, so madly is pushing it a little bit, but how about happily married.  There's always things to work on, but we seem to be weathering the storm as best we can.  She's still the best thing that happened to me (not counting Levi, but hey who can compete with man's best friend) and I hope she feels the same way too.  Or at least reads this and I get some bonus points.  And speaking of bonus points, for our five year anniversary I surprised her by taking her back to where we got married and had father Tony and the rest of our family meet us there to renew our vows.  Ha!  Bonus points for life!


  1. Glad to finally see an update. I have been worried about you all. I hope the Dr. in Houston will have something more to offer and that Piper can get back into the study. You all remain in my daily prayers.

  2. So glad for the update! The girls are growing up, and are just beautiful!

  3. so happy for the updates! We pray for the genes to be found so little Piper can get back into the Cali study! The girls are BEAUTIFUL!