Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We're back!

Hello all!  Sorry for the long absence, but with apartment living, crazy work schedules and even crazier babies, I haven't had all the time I've wanted to keep the blog updated.  So, I'll give you a quick recap on our latest events (with a surprise ending.  ooohhhhhh!)

Ever been to the mall?  Of course you have.  Ever taken the elevator?  Sure.  Ever got stuck in the elevator with three screaming babies?  Well looks like we've got one on you.  Two weeks ago we took the girls on another excursion to Northpark mall and as luck would have it the Good Humor God's decided to play a prank on us and lock us in a 6x6 tin box for about 20 min.  Fortunately the girls didn't scream too badly and we got out of there after not too long.  After we got out I asked the mall staff if we could get a few coupons for the trouble.  Apparently it takes more than 20 min in the hot box to earn a free slice of pizza at Sbarro.

Speaking of food (and malls) a few weeks ago we met our good friends Jeff and Kasey (with their 15 month old twins and 3 year old in tow) at the Galleria for a little kiddie play time and dinner at Mi Cocina.  You should have seen the look on their face when we showed up and asked for seating for 6 plus 4 high chairs.  As we say back in Mexico, Aye Carumba!  And what's up with babies and their eating habits?  They act like a starving man at a pie eating contest.  Food all over their face, hands, floor, you name it.  Not that I mind the mess, but that freakin' quesadilla cost $12 and you threw half of it on the floor!  Why don't I just give you a stack of hundies and a book of matches and just cut out the middle man.  Jeeze these kids are expensive.

Speaking of malls again, who took their kids to the mall for pictures with the Easter bunny?  (As an aside why, do you ask, do we spend a lot of time at the mall?  We'll it's air conditioned, free (sometimes), and the crowd noise covers up three screaming kids.)  Yeah, we ended up at the mall on Easter Sunday with the kids and found ourselves in line for a picture.  It's really funny watching how serious some people get about this.  One lady in front of us must have spent close to 10 minutes trying to get the "perfect" picture of her kids while the line stacked up like I-635 on a Friday afternoon.  You know, maybe, just maybe, if you want the perfect Easter picture, you should fork over the cash for professional pictures instead of waiting in line for 30 min to get that once in a lifetime photo with Crazy McBunny.  Seriously.  Check out the eyes on that freak.  Probably all hopped up (get it?  hopped up) on Grey Goose and carrot juice.  He and Snoop Dog probably sit around smoking doobies singing, "Sipping on Goose and Juice!"

Well I know I promised a surprise, and I will deliver, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow because it's late and I've got some Lost blogs to go read.

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  1. Wonder if I could get some of those carrots, there are days I could sure use some:) Oh and food thing just wait it gets better the older they get.